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Rodeo Interactive株式会社


Rodeo Interactive株式会社は、2008年 5月に設立されたリッチアプリケーションを開発する技術系ベンチャーだ。

Established in May 2008, Rodeo Interactive Co.,Ltd is a technology venture that develops Rich Applications.

エンジニアとして活動を始めた柳田氏(同社代表)が一橋大学卒業後に立ち上げたRodeo Interactiveではスマートフォンアプリ開発やソーシャルアプリ開発を主とする受託開発事業、自社のWEBサービスを展開する自社サービス事業の2つで事業が構成されている。

Mr. Yanagida (company representative) established Rodeo Interactive after graduating from Hitotsubashi University, where he began as an engineer. The Company’s business consists of two main components: contracted development of smartphone applications and social applications and proprietary service that includes the expansion of the Company’s own web service.


At first I had the impression of Rodeo Interactive being a Company whose members, including Mr. Yanagi, are engineers with high caliber of development skills. It did not take long for me to become convinced by that impression. Although the Company does not publicly disclose their development results other than for the in-house service segment, based on results that we gathered during our coverage, Rodeo has a track record of contract development that can match major developers such as Sler. Rodeo’s projects have included development of member media for a major convenience store chain; development of application for a well known fashion event; and development of cooperative applications for a famous magazine.

最近Rodeo Interactiveが力を入れているのが自社サービス事業のリアルタイム・リアルプレイスがキーワードのジオコミュニケーションサービス「neeboor」である。現在、iPhone、アンドロイドアプリとしてリリースされた同サービスを利用しているユーザーは、見たこと・聞いたこと・体験したことを『シャウト』という機能で近くにいる友人やユーザーに伝えることができ、お気に入りの場所を登録できる。また、飲み会での盛り上がりを「neeboor」を使って、参加している仲間同士でその興奮を「neeboor」上で表現したり、他のユーザーに共有できる。また、リアルプレイス(場所)で他のユーザーとの出会いが生まれることも「neeboor」だからこそ実現してくれる体験である。

Recently, for their proprietary service, Rodeo Interactive has been focusing on the development of 「neeboor」, a geo-communication service based on real time, real place keywords. Currently, users who are utilizing 「neeboor」 as iPhone and Android applications are able to communicate things they saw, heard and experienced to their friends and other users in geographic vicinity through a function called “Shout”. Users are also able to check in at their favorite locations. In addition, at fun get-togethers, friends are able to express their excitement on 「neeboor」 in real time and share with other users. In addition, thanks to the real place function on 「neeboor」, users are able to have the experience of meeting with other users.


The ability to form using habits among as many users as possible determines the success of communication service. As we all know, this is difficult. However, the widespread of smartphone, GPS, social network presents tremendous tailwind to 「neeboor」.

Rodeo Interactiveのメンバーの今後の活躍とユーザーのニーズが合致した時、『シャウト旋風』が巻き起こっていることは間違いないだろう。

When Rodeo Interactive team members’ future endeavors match user needs, there is no doubt that the “Whirlwind of Shout” will stir up.